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 Terms and Conditions

1. is freely available internet service is engaged in giving opportunity to run escort announcements by both the individual persons and legal entity.

2. Advertiser writing down his personal details to the declares that he/she knows present regulations.

3. Advertiser writing down data to the declares that he/she is legal user of them and that they are authentic.

4. Advertiser must be adult over the age of eighteen (18) years of age.

5. does not interfere in content of runnig escorts announcements and does not bear responsibility for them.

6. About any changes of personal details running on advertiser must inform our service or does update himself by his web edition in the closing date 3 days from the change.

7. doesn't interfere in direct contacts beetwen advertiser and doesn't bear responsibility for their character.

8. Information showed on can be used only for legal aims. Illegal announcements and necessary information for findig advertise will be passed to police.

9. Presentation, transmission, disclosure storage illegal information or datas on are prohibited. We understand by this pattented stuff protected by copyright law, obscene and insulting materials, infringing someboby privacy, inciting to ethnic, religious or racial hatred or propagating violence.

10. In case of litigation beetwen participants of transaction, in which mediated, the service reserves the right to not participation in litigation.

11. Staff od does not bear responsibility for:
a) how and for what aim data runnig on our service will be use;
b) service working and connected with this complication;
c) discomforts made by rinning announcements for the joke or intentionally by third party. In case of this please contact us quickly on with topic ABUSE. We remove that kind of announcements in the shortest time.

12. reserves the right to:
- removing illegal or discordant announcenents to the above rules;
- modifying the present rules;
- temporary interruption with working of server;
- discontinuance servicing announcements.

SexCIA Escort Service is totally free and updated daily!

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