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FAQ - Frequency Asked Questions



Q: How can I find an escort from my location?
A: If your city is on the "Escorts by Region" list, choose it and browse. Otherwise, use our Search Engine by typing the city name in the text field and select "city" from the first selection list. You can also use our advanced search.

Q: I have a problem with sending e-mail to an ad owner. Why?
A: To correctly send an e-mail, you should fill out all "sending form" fields. The code must be identical to the graphics. You can also register and send e-mails without code.

     Q: I don't see a graphics code. Where is it displayed?
     A: Graphics code is displayed after the "enter code" form field. If you don't see it, you have a problem with you web browser. The solution is to register or download and install the newest version of Internet Explorer, FireFox or Netscape.

     Q: When I click the send button, I recieve an "Error Code" message. Why?
     A: You are having problems with your web browser. The solution is the same as above.

Q: What does Escort.SexCIA means about outcalls and incalls?
A: An incalls are a meetings at the escort place. An outcalls, it's on the other hand, is when the escort of your choice visits you at your place or a hotel.

Q: How much does an ad cost?
A: All escort ads are free. All we ask is a reciprocal link (if you have a website). This is great advertising for you and it doesn't cost a thing to be seen on!
We also recommend that you obtain VIP status, which means that your ad will be constantly in a high position for the city or category of your choice. The cost and more info are on here. This is the most effective way to get new customers.

Q: Where I can add my own ad?
A: You can add your own ad here or if you are agency here.

Q: I want to work for your agency, what should I do?
A: Sorry, Escort.SexCIA is NOT an agency. It is a website which lists independent escorts. We do not represent them in any way. You can place your own ad and be independent.



Q: How can I edit my ad?
A: You can edit and manage your ad here or by clicking on the "edit" icon in the heading.

Q: What is my ID and password?
A: You will receive this information in a "Welcome" e-mail. If you lose it, please send us an e-mail from the address that you attached to your ad. This would be the e-mail address you used in the "create ad" form.

Q: I made changes on the "edit" page but my ad is still the same. Why?
A: All edited ads are verified by our staff and some ad changes could be visible after they are approved. Please, be patient. It can take up to 24 hours for changes to take effect.

Q: Can I edit my ad one more time, even though the last change was not approved yet?
A: Yes. After the latest change has been approved, it will be visible.

Q: Why are my pictures not visible with my ad?
A: Perhaps your pictures were in the wrong format or size. Each one should be no larger than 200kb and they must be either jpg, gif or png.

Q: How can I set up a tour?
A: This can easily be done on the "edit" page.

Q: How can my ad obtain "Verified by SexCIA" mark?
A: Please check forum topic: How become verified escort to receive answer for that question and read more about Verified by SexCIA solution.

Q: Can I have several ads?
A: A single individual can have only ONE ad. If you add more, we will remove ALL you ads and you will be banned. Agencies are an exception. They can have several ads if a different escort is featured on each one but with the same contact information and phone number. If you are an agency, please send us an e-mail to set up the multi-ad option.



Q: How much traffic does Escort.SexCIA receive?
A: At present, we are receiving over 1,500,000 visitors per month and are growing fast!

Q: What is the best way of advertising on Escort.SexCIA?
A: The best type of advertising is with a VIP ad for your location.

Q: Do you offer any discounts?
A: Yes! We off very attractive discounts for long-term advertisers.

Q: What type of payment is accepted?
A: We accept payments by wire transfer, credit cards, PayPal and Western Union.

Q: Where I can check prices and pay by my VISA Credit Card?
A: You can check actual advertising prices and pay for it here


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