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Nick: Steve
Country: United Arab Emirates
City: Abu Dhabi

Age: 34
Height: 6'6''
Weight: 163
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Blonde
Stats: Single
ID: 29235

Sex: Male
Ethnicity: White
Language spoken:
English, Danish Arabic
Status: Incall and Outcall

Content of announcement:

tallblondblue now in Turkey, soon in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, free to travel anywhere. staying with friends so I cannot always host, If you r top we can do masculine bottom guys together. I like to top guys with stubble or facial hair. I am in Dubai, Nice, Berlin, Sweden and London often, always looking for a lift from Luton, lol.

check out the Dubai Stock Market make search:

--- it is good value, also Kuwait, Qatar, Saudi and Oman!

Some friends and I r thinking to make a porn movie and we cannot do it in Arab countries becuz of the religion, maybe we can do it in London or NYC or both with Hispanics..... r u int.?, we r just starting out...... any ideas for actors and story lines? we r thinking mideast, Arab or Arab looking guys.... war captives....

another story: Arabian slave's in exotic tented
location in the desert,,,, slave training compound. white men and dark Arabians, an entire
series can be created culminating with the slave auction-- the slaves can be both white and dark, depending who is holding power at the time. I wd love to get some scenes of blacks, Arabs and Latinos and we all rape slaves.

We hope to actually pull this off, have GREAT fun with it... make a website to sell the porn with it....

ask for my email as often this site is blocked in Dubai.

I am int. in friendship also. I love guys less tall than me, but also tall guys can be cool.....I like friendship. I like to role play. If u like to go to Egypt or Dubai or any Arab state plz let me know, I speak Arabic and u r welcome in my home in Dubai at anytime!
buy lottery tickets lol! think positive!
I love to top a boi with another hot top.
.....I want to arrange a bunch of guys to gang bang a boi- maybe Arabs.I want to put my foot into ur ass........ big dildos....... Dubai was British, if u r in ur house or hotel they need a warrant to open the door, unfortunately there is a lot of sex in the desert and on the beach at night, many times there r no police, but sometimes they do clampdown... Have sex behind closed doors and u r always safe in Dubai, it is a tourist town.
check out my Dubai, UAE friend: on dar: sexydark18dubai

This is me also:
blond, blue eyed fertile male of Scandinavian Heritage interested in donating sperm with or without possibility of having a relationship with the child. I live in Dubai so it may be very difficult for me to spend more than 6 weeks a year in Europe. If you like to holiday in Dubai you are welcome, Have been tested and have very good fertility.

some of these totally straight but frustrated Muslims go crazy after a few whiskeys. Egyptians can`t get married until they buy a house or flat so many don`t marry until they r 35-40. There is an Oasis town called Siwah where there is a tradition of homosex. It started because the men were forced economically to work away from their families. It is mentioned in Fodor`s Egypt guide book.

masculine subs

I am in Dubai and often drive to Abu Dhabi...


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